Yr has 2 meanings
1. What is yr short for?


Yr forgiven for not knowing that yr can mean "your." After all, yr can also stand for "year" or "yeah, right," so yr not at fault for not recognizing this abbreviation.

More commonly (to avoid being mistaken for "year"), texters and chatters use ur to stand for "your." However, that abbreviation can also stand for other words, such as "you're." If you want your message to be clear, you can always just type out "your" instead of using either yr or ur.


Yr right. That movie was definitely not worth $20.

No, yr so boring! What do u think about that?!

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Updated March 23, 2021
2. What does Yr stand for?

Yeah, right

An acronym used to challenge another person's claim or to say that you don't believe something is true.


YR, you can't beat Super Mario Brothers in under 5 minutes!

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Updated May 13, 2014

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