What does facial mean in basketball?

Slam dunk on a player's face

If a player dunks a ball (jumps in the air and slams a ball into a hoop) on you (more specifically, right on your face), they just gave you a facial. The term comes from an actual facial, which includes the application of a cream to moisturize the skin (but in this case a slam dunk applied to the face).

Fans, announcers, and players may all use the term to remark on an awesome dunk on a player, similar to posterize. For example, an announcer may remark, "And James gives a facial to Green to take the lead!" Or, a fan may ask others on X, "did u c edward's facial of Murray? omg it was epic!"


josh gave mike a facial and now he doesn't want to play anymore
oh, poor baby. :(

Edwards giving Vincent a facial

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Updated May 17, 2024

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