False Spring

What kind of season is false spring?

Spring-like weather followed by winter weather

False spring is a mini-season that occurs near the end of winter but before the actual spring weather. For example, if it is March and you experience a week of warm, spring-like weather but then return to winter-like, freezing weather, you just endured a false spring.

Even though false spring offers a much-needed respite for winter-weary warriors, most people despise it because the hope of spring is dashed when the frigid weather returns. Thankfully, false spring is typically followed by a short stretch of winter weather before warming up to actual spring.

While the adverse effects of false spring are typically confined to people's deflated hopes, it can be confusing for nature. For example, plants may react to the warmer weather, blooming before it freezes again, then die from the cold. Or, an animal may be tricked into waking from its hibernation too early, causing it to struggle for food that has yet to grow.


I was tricked into putting away my winter coat by false spring
Me too. Every time. I put the snowblower away then it snowed 8 inches!
Tweet lamenting false spring
Tweet lamenting false spring

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Updated April 14, 2023

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