What is finter?

Late Fall and early winter

Finter is an abbreviation for the period where late fall and early winter overlap, often providing a peculiar mixture of warm and cold weather. In the U.S., finter is typically November into December.

As it is probably clear, finter comes from the combination of fall and winter. However, it is unclear who first coined the term, but it was likely someone complaining about the Jekyll/Hyde-like nature or the weather.

In the U.S., you will most likely experience finter if you live in the upper half of the country, where the clash of the two seasons gives you beautiful 65-degree weather one day, then a white-out blizzard the next. Dressing in layers is often the way to go during this season because you'll never know when to shed or add clothing.

Alternative finter meaning

Some people may also use finter to mean "fake winter." This refers to the short winter weather that occurs in autumn, followed by warmer fall weather and then real winter. You could categorize this meaning as a sub-category of fall/winter.


This finter has got my head spinning
No kidding, it was freezing this morning, but now I want to go lay by the pool!
Finter snowfall totals
Finter snowfall totals

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Updated November 22, 2022

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