What is wautumn?

Winter weather during autumn

Wautumn is a combination of "winter" and "autumn" that refers to winter-like weather during autumn. In the U.S., especially the upper half, the weather may appear in various ways, such as a brisk 20-degree day in October or a big snowfall in early November.

For many winter deniers, wautumn is a wake-up call that winter is inevitable and at the doorstep. Often, wautumn leads many people to complain about impending weather doom on social media. For these seasonal depression sufferers, wautumn seems to come as a surprise despite its annual occurrence.

However, wautumn isn't all doom and gloom. For those brave souls that enjoy winter, wautumn is an emphatic knell for the change in season. They look forward to the cooler weather and picturesque coating of white that wautumn brings.


I can't believe it's snowing before Halloween
Wautumn strikes again!
Wautumn tweet
Wautumn tweet

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Updated November 22, 2022

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