What is feat short for?


Feat is a common abbreviation you may encounter in various contexts, including next to songs with a featured artist or a stage performance featuring a well-known actor. For example, if a music group records a song with an artist who is not typically part of the group, the song listing on a CD, in Spotify, etc., will include the group, the "feat" abbreviation, and the artist.

Besides song listings, you may see people use feat in messages, social media, and forums. For example, your friend may message you, "Didn't you see that the party was feat a live band?" Or, a person may post a video of you as a child on Facebook with the caption, "The cutest sneeze you will ever see. Feat Henry."


My fav song is Under Pressure by Queen feat David Bowie
Oh, that's a bop!
Post of the "You" music video feat Lil Wayne
Post of the "You" music video feat Lil Wayne

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Updated October 12, 2023

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