1. What does FFF stand for?

Flat foreign female

An abbreviation used by young people in the U.S. to refer to non-U.S. women or girls who have a small breast size; may also imply they behave in a submissive and adoring way when they meet U.S. women or girls with a more feminine body shape.


I swear, those FFFs keep staring at me in gym class!

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Updated July 28, 2015
2. What does FFF stand for in online gaming?

Fight for first

Gamers sometimes use FFF as shorthand for "fight for first." This acronym describes players' fight for first place, in either an individual match or overall leaderboard.

For example, esports enthusiasts may discuss the FFF within their favorite game's professional scene, as different players attempt to claim first place throughout an esport season. Or, a player might describe their own FFF within a tournament, if they're doing well.


Right now, there is a pretty major FFF between the top three ranked players
Oh man, that's tense

TMW you're in a FFF

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Updated August 29, 2023

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