What does FFE stand for in StarCraft 2?

Forge fast expand

StarCraft 2 (SC2) players use FFE as shorthand for the Forge Fast Expand strategy. This now-uncommon Protoss strategy involves building a Forge before a Gateway, to allow for quicker expansion to another mineral location. It's used primarily on large maps, where opponents can't easily punish an early expansion.

However, additions and changes to SC2's original gameplay have rendered the FFE strategy mostly obsolete. These days, you're more likely to see players reminiscing about the FFE strategy in SC2 forums, rather than actually deploying it in-game.


I always FFE on the Xel'Naga Fortress map
Yeah, I used to do that, too
A Protoss player wondering why no one uses FFE anymore
A Protoss player wondering why no one uses FFE anymore

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Updated June 27, 2023

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