What does fizzling mean in dating?

Letting lack of effort end a relationship

Fizzling is a strategy by which an SO ends a relationship via lack of effort, rather than a direct conversation. For example, an SO who is fizzling you may begin responding to your texts infrequently and tersely, in hopes you'll get the hint and stop texting them. In this way, a fizzler hopes their current relationship will "fizzle out" on its own, precluding a dramatic break-up.

While fizzling is similar to ghosting, in that both result in a relationship ending, fizzling is a more drawn-out process. Typically, fizzling happens when a person is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship but is too "nice" to say it's over (also referred to as caspering). This can lead to the relationship "continuing" for weeks or even months after it should have officially ended.


I texted Luis three days ago and he still hasn't responded
Boy, he's fizzling you. You've gotta let him go

A man who understands fizzling

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Updated April 20, 2023

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