Flyover State

What is a flyover state?

A U.S. state between the west and east coasts

A flyover state is a state in the contiguous United States between the west and east coasts (specifically the middle part of the country). The name comes from the transcontinental flights between the most densely populated areas in the country (the Southwest and the Northeast) that fly over all the states in between.

While flyover states (also known as "flyover country) may be almost every state between the two coasts, people often think of the middlemost states, such as Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, as flyover states. When people on the coasts think of these states, they typically think of farms, prairies, cornfields, and not much else.

Is flyover state an insult?

Flyover state is a derogatory term meant to diminish the state's and its people's value. It's another way to say that the state is not worth visiting, and it's best to fly over. Therefore, if you refer to someone's home as a flyover state, they probably won't take it too kindly.


I'll be gone the next week at a family reunion in the flyover state of Kansas
Nice! Have fun
How many people view flyover states
How many people view flyover states

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Updated April 20, 2023

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