Up North

What does up north mean?

Anywhere north of your location

Up north is a vague term that refers to a location north of wherever you are currently. City dwellers frequently use the phrase to refer to more rural places north of their metropolitan area.

For example, anywhere north of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota is considered "up north." Typically, people who use the phrase refer to a cabin (often on a lake) or camping spot they traveled to over the weekend. In this context, if you ask your co-worker what they are doing for the weekend, they might reply, "I'm taking the wife and kids up north for some fishing and boating at my parents' cabin."


How was your weekend?
It was great. I took Friday off to have a long weekend up north on Gull Lake
Sounds nice!
Tweet about going up north for the weekend
Tweet about going up north for the weekend

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Updated April 14, 2023

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