What does FMVP stand for in basketball?

Finals Most Valuable Player

The FMVP is the most valuable player (MVP) of the NBA Finals (NBA's best of seven championship series). The award is formally known as the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, but fans abbreviated it as FMVP to refer to it more easily on social sites like Twitter and Reddit.

The NBA began awarding the FMVP in 1969 to the player who performed the best during the series (typically on the team that wins). A panel of 11 media members decides the FMVP after the Finals conclude.

Most people use FMVP around the time the Finals are being played (in June), but you may see it used any time of the year when people discuss who the GOAT is. Examples of FMVPs include Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan, and Kobe Bryant.


Curry finally got his FMVP!
Yeah, now the haters can shut it for a while
FMVP tweet
FMVP tweet

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Updated August 2, 2022

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