What does MVP stand for?

Most valuable player

MVP stands for "most valuable player," which is the player of a sports or game competition that was the most important (i.e., performed the best). While people primarily use MVP in the sports world, they may also use it outside of sports to refer to someone who is important and cherished (e.g., a co-worker, family member, etc.).

In sports, you will likely see MVP recognition given to a player at the end of a game or match or the end of a season or postseason. The judges or analysts typically pick the player responsible for the most positive impact on their team, along with good stats to back it up. In addition, some organized sports leagues, such as the MLB and NFL, formally award an MVP honor to players.

People may also use MVP outside of sports as a compliment to recognize someone's valuable efforts. For example, they may be part of a family or work team, and others around them praise them for their importance. Or, you and your friends may freeload off someone's Netflix account and refer to them as "the MVP of the group" in a message thread.


I think the RB should be MVP for the Super Bowl since he had three touchdowns
I agree. But they will probably give it to the QB

NBA MVP Kevin Durant recognizing his mom as the real MVP

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Updated April 19, 2023

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