1. What does stud mean?

A highly skilled individual

A stud is a person who is incredibly skilled in a particular discipline, whether it be intelligence or physical ability. Sports fans often use it to describe talented athletes, often younger ones who are up-and-coming.

For example, you may share a highlight of a player on Twitter and tweet, "Check out this stud!" Or, a sports analyst may remark during a replay, "Check out the guard's technique. This is what makes them one of the studs of the league."


Did you see how high his on-base percentage is? What a stud
So impressive!

Tom Brady is a stud QB

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Updated January 3, 2023
2. What is a stud?

An attractive male

A stud is an extremely good-looking (and typically successful) guy. The term comes from stud farms, where people selectively breed high-pedigree animals, such as horses and cattle.

Frequently, females use it when objectifying males they find incredibly attractive. For example, some high school girlfriends may comment that the new guy in class is a dreamy stud. Or, they may stan a handsome celebrity and refer to him as their stud.

People may also use stud as part of "stud muffin" to describe particularly scrumptious men. This comes from the strange urge to bite adorable things some people experience.


He has such a hot body, what a stud!
OMG, yes!

Slow-mo stud

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Updated January 3, 2023

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