GD has 4 meanings
1. What game is GD?

Geometry Dash

Gamers obsessed with Geometry Dash may refer to the game as GD. You're most likely to see the GD acronym used this way in gaming-related chat channels and forums, such as the r/geometrydash subreddit.

What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platforming game developed by RobTop Games. To complete levels, players tap or click in time with music to avoid obstacles. While the game includes only 21 official levels, its players have created millions of custom levels, which others can access and play online.

Because GD is visually and audibly pleasing, and it allows players to create, share, and collaborate on levels with each other, it has a fairly passionate fanbase. You can often find a handful of streamers sharing their GD gameplay on Twitch, YouTube, and other live streaming platforms.


GD is so addictive - I lost my entire lunch hour to it yesterday
A player ranking their favorite GD cubes
A player ranking their favorite GD cubes

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Updated April 28, 2022
2. What does GD mean as a greeting?

Good day

If someone starts an online chat session with GD, they're likely saying "good day." This acronym is a quite informal way to send a formal greeting.

If you'd like to answer GD with a different, semi-formal acronym of your own, you can reply with GAS. If you want to respond with something less formal but just as obscure, you can use HT or WU.


GD sir, how are you this fine morning?
Oh, absolutely wonderful. Yourself?
Feeling right as rain, never been better

Sometimes, people also end conversations with GD

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Updated July 20, 2023
3. What does GD stand for?

God D***


GD stands for "God d***," which is used to add emphasis to something, typically out of frustration. It is most often used online or in text messages.

The acronym is usually seen preceding another word that the sender is angry about. It could be an annoying person, a broken vehicle, a difficult class in school, an incompetent player on your favorite sports team, or another vexing thing.

GD is most often used by teenagers or young adults. However, be careful who you use it with since it is rude and rather juvenile.


I can't believe that gd car blew through the stop sign and almost hit me!

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Updated November 11, 2020
4. What does GD stand for?

Green Day

Acronym for popular American punk rock band "Green Day;" they formed in 1987 and consist of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool, and Jason White.


You going to the GD concert in tomorrow?

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Updated August 14, 2013

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