What does GGGB stand for?

Good girl gone bad

Those discussing previously-proper young ladies may use GGGB to stand for "good girl gone bad." More likely, however, those using this acronym are referring to:

  • Rihanna's third album, titled Good Girl Gone Bad
  • A Kilian perfume named Good Girl Gone Bad
  • A lewd video game titled Good Girl Gone Bad

Hopefully, context will tell you which type of GGGB you're dealing with.


So many female pop stars have their GGGB era and then revert
Probably all a publicity ploy. The media loves to talk about celebrities 'breaking bad.'
One Redditor's take on Rihanna's GGGB
One Redditor's take on Rihanna's GGGB

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Updated October 16, 2023

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