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1. What does ggg mean in messages?


When a person sends "ggg" in a message, they are giggling or laughing. They may be responding to something funny you sent in a message, like a meme or home video, or they may be reacting to something they encountered and are about to share it with you.

For example, your friend might message you online, "I can't believe you caught that on camera, ggg!" Or, your brother may text you, "GGG. Dad just dropped his phone in the lake after lecturing us about our phones."

You might see people type ggg, GGG, or <GGG>. Additionally, ggg is not well known; other more common options include, hehe, haha, and lol.


Yeah, that was pretty funny... ggg
IKR? I couldn't believe he said that to her!

Ron Swanson with his classic ggg

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Updated May 22, 2023
2. What is ggg short for in messages?

Gotta get a grip

In messages, a person may send "ggg" to someone who is seemingly losing control of their thoughts and actions. For example, if your friend thinks aliens are communicating with her through the TV, you might text her, "Dude, you ggg!"

You will likely encounter the abbreviation in a text or online message. People who really need to receive ggg have ventured too far down a rabbit hole, leaving reality behind. Examples include political conspiracies, video game addiction, alien obsessions, and religious cults.


You ggg, it's not that big of a deal
How dare you!
Whoa. Calm down

When you ggg

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Updated March 21, 2023

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