Joe Pesci

What does joe pesci mean?

A difficult five foot putt

Joe Pesci is a term used in golf to describe a tough putt around 5 feet in length. It comes from Joe Pesci's short height (around 5'4") and the tough characters he plays in movies.

Some famous tough guy characters played by Joe Pesci include Joey from Raging Bull, Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas, Harry Lime from Home Alone, and Nicky Santoro from Casino. Another term for a 5 foot putt is "Danny DeVito," but the Joe Pesci term is used for more difficult 5 foot putts. "James Joyce" is also used to describe putts in general that are challenging.


Wow that Joe Pesci gave me some trouble but luckily it was able to die in the hole
Actor Joe Pesci at a golf course
Actor Joe Pesci at a golf course

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Updated January 30, 2017

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