Danny DeVito

What does danny devito mean?

Five foot putt

A Danny DeVito is a golf term for a putt around 5 feet in length. It comes from the small stature of actor Danny DeVito who is a little shorter than 5 feet.

The term is similar to "Joe Pesci," which is also used for 5 foot putts. Since the green on a golf course is often the most challenging part of golf, people have made up terms to help describe the challenge. Another term is "James Joyce," which is used for hard-to-read greens. For difficult putts, a golfer and caddy have to examine and decide how hard and where to hit the ball.


Looks like you got to sink a Danny DeVito for par
A Danny DeVito putt
A Danny DeVito putt

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Updated August 30, 2016

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