Got That Dog In Him

What does got that dog in him mean?

Driven to succeed

Sports fans use the phrase "got that dog in him" to describe players who are highly motivated and high-performing. The phrase originated on social media in the late 2000s and went viral among not only fans, but also sports analysts and commentators.

"Got that dog in him" likely refers to the fact that most dogs are high-energy and like to chase things. Thus, a sports player who has "got that dog in him" is also high-energy and likes to chase things (in this case, a ball and/or other players).

By 2022, "got that dog in him" had become so overused that it passed into meme status. Sports fans began using it sardonically, to mock sports commentators who still used the phrase, while others started using it to describe actors, politicians, and fictional characters.


He's got that dog in him; he won't settle for less than a chip
Many meme "got that dog in him" posts feature a chest x-ray with dogs in it
Many meme "got that dog in him" posts feature a chest x-ray with dogs in it

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Updated January 11, 2023

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