What does BOAT stand for?

Best of all time

Those discussing great people or items use BOAT to mean "best of all time." Most commonly, this acronym is used to denote that an athlete, gamer, artist, or other notable person is the best in their field. However, you might also see a great movie, pizza, car, or other work of "art" described as "the BOAT."

BOAT is very similar to GOAT, which stands for "greatest of all time." However, BOAT is used much less commonly than GOAT. It's possible this is because more people regularly encounter and/or use boats than goats, making the use of the BOAT acronym more confusing to those not in the know.


Tom Brady is the BOAT, no question.
Excuse me, Brett Favre much?
A self-declared BOAT

A self-declared BOAT

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Updated November 2, 2022

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