Grief Digger

What is a grief digger?

Someone who uses a celebrity's death for personal gain

A grief digger is a social media or forum user who tries to benefit from a famous person's death, by posting about their "deep" connection to that person. Often, these connections are tangential at best - but that doesn't stop grief diggers from using them to gain likes, shares, and follows.

For example, after a famous actor dies, a fan who met that actor at a film screening may post a picture from the screening, as well as a long screed about their meeting with the actor. If the story is exaggerated, overblown, or overly emotional, it may be an example of grief digging.

In some cases, however, a person may feel a real connection to a dead celebrity, and so may feel the need to post about their encounter(s) with that celebrity and what that celebrity meant to them. These genuine displays of emotion are not grief digging - though they may sometimes appear as such.


You see Mindy's post about Raquel Welch? I didn't realize she knew her
She didn't; they met like once at a restaurant. Mindy's just being a grief digger
A discussion of grief diggers on Reddit
A discussion of grief diggers on Reddit

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Updated June 14, 2023

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