What does GRWM stand for on social media?

Get ready with me

TikTokers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers use GRWM to mean "get ready with me." This acronym is most commonly used as a hashtag (#GRWM), appended to videos that show an influencer's morning (or other preparatory) routine.

What do GRWM videos contain?

Most GRWM videos star female vloggers, who walk their audience through their usual hair, makeup, and fashion routine. Some GRWM videos may walk viewers through a more specific or atypical "getting ready" routine (e.g. "GRWM: For A Día De Los Muertos Masquerade").

In many cases, influencers' GRWM videos are actually stealth advertisements for featured hair and beauty products sold by their sponsors. If you see #Sponsored appended to a GRWM video, the video's creator was paid to make that video.


GRWM: A Dinner Date with Andrew Garfield

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Updated January 20, 2022

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