What does GT2T stand for?

Got time to talk

GT2T stands for "got time to talk." Most often, you'll see this acronym used as a question ("GT2T?"), asking whether you're free to talk ATM.

For example, a friend who wants to discuss something important with you may send "GT2T? I really need some advice." If you're not bz, you could respond with "Yeah, I've GT2T."

The person who sent you GT2T may want to chat online or over the phone. If you're not sure how the person wants to have your convo, it might be worth asking (or specifying what's best for you) in your reply.


Hey, GT2T? I want to go over the feedback from this morning's meeting
Sure, give me a call whenever

A sponge who has not GT2T

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Updated November 20, 2022

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