What does gwenchana mean?

It's alright

Gwenchana is a Korean slang term that can alternately mean "I'm OK," "it's alright," or 'are you okay?" Its use in various K-Dramas caused it to go viral on social media, as part of several memes and videos.

For example, in September 2023, Malaysian vlogger Imran Bard posted a video of himself saying gwenchana with various inflections to TikTok. By October, this video had been watched over 58 million times.

However, the most iconic use of gwenchana occurred in the K-Drama Welcome to Waikiki. In a famous scene from this show, the character Lee Joon Ki uses gwenchana to assure his friends that, while his car is falling apart, everything's fine.


Sorry to hear that Gwen dumped you
Eh, gwenchana. It's probably for the best
A still from Imran Bard's gwenchana video
A still from Imran Bard's gwenchana video

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Updated October 19, 2023

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