What is vlog short for?

Video blog

A vlog is a blog (online journal) comprised of videos rather than text posts. For example, a cooking vlog might feature videos of a cook preparing and making recipes, rather than text descriptions of those recipes' ingredients and instructions. Just like the word blog, vlog can be used as either a noun ("I'm starting a vlog about marathon training.") or verb ("I'm going to vlog about car repair.").

Certain subjects, like cooking, travel, illustration, gaming, and DIY, are especially suited for vlogging, because they are visually interesting and benefit from being shown via video rather than just explained via text. You can find vlogs on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and other video-sharing platforms, as well as normal blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr.


Have you checked out Marshall's MTG tourney vlog yet?

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Updated August 2, 2022

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