What does H/U stand for in messages and online?

Hook up

H/U is an acronym that typically refers to the beginning of a dating relationship or a romantic encounter where the people involved get physically intimate. It is short for hook up and is more often typed as HU; people may use it as a noun or a verb.

You will likely see H/U in texts or online messages when someone is spilling the tea about their romantic life. For example, your friend might share an awkward story about a guy they met on a business trip and say, "My worst H/U was when I was kissing a guy then he asked how much money I made. I left right after that."

In less romantic situations, people may also use H/U to refer to a simple meet-up with another person with no feelings involved, like going to a movie or hanging out. However, this can be confusing when messaging, so you should probably only use it to refer to romantic situations to avoid awkward misunderstandings.


Do u wanna h/u later?
Busy tonight. Maybe we can catch a movie tomorrow?
Sounds good!

Offer to arrange a H/U

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Updated May 16, 2023

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