What is a hackbook computer?

A laptop running an unauthorized version of macOS

A "hackbook" is a non-Apple laptop running an unauthorized version of the macOS operating system. The name comes from the combination of "hack" and "MacBook" (Apple's name for their line of laptops).

Apple prohibits users from running any version of macOS, or Mac OS, on a non-Apple piece of hardware in their end-user license agreement. However, some users who want to use a Mac operating system on laptops still hack the software and hardware to make hackbooks. These users may find MacBooks too expensive or prefer non-Apple laptops, typically PCs.

Hackbooks may also be called "hackintoshes." However, hackintoshes typically refer to non-Apple desktop computers running an unauthorized version of macOS.


Greg has been using a hackbook for several years and saved about $500
But it's also prohibited by Apple's end-user license agreement

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Updated December 1, 2021

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