What does hinky mean?


Hinky describes things that seem "off," people, devices, etc., that are strange, peculiar, or suspicious. It is similar to the more common wonky term.

For example, if your friend appears to be acting strangely, you might ask another friend, "Does Dan seem to be acting hinky to you?" Or, you might complain about the weather, stating, "This May has been so hinky. I'm ready for some warmer weather."

Origin of hinky

The origins of the "hinky" slang term are unclear. Various sources claim it comes from several different languages, including Old Norse ("hinka") and African-American vernacular ("hincty").


Ever since the move, Jane has been so hinky
She's prolly having trouble adjusting to the new culture

Possible reaction to something hinky

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Updated August 8, 2023

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