What does sussy mean?


Sussy is a playful alternative to sus that people, often Gen Zers, use to describe suspicious things. For example, if your ordinarily bratty little brother is overly nice to you, you might call him sussy.

Origin of sussy

The term gained popularity in February 2021 as a variation of sus, which came from the video game Among Us and exploded in popularity in 2020. In the game, players act as crewmates in space who deliberate with each other to determine who is acting suspiciously (sus) and thus the imposter.

Sussy Baka

Sussy Baka is a viral phrase made famous by TikTok user @akeamfrancis2 (Akeam Francis) during a live stream. People typically use sussy baka to mean "suspicious fool" since "baka" means "fool" in Japanese. You may find sussy baka on social sites, in memes, and even in songs.


Don't reply to that email. It's sussy
Yeah, I was wary of a Nigerian prince asking me for money
Sussy tweet
Sussy tweet

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Updated December 7, 2022

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