What does holla mean?


Holla is short for "holler," which is when a person calls attention to something or someone. Most people use it in the context of contacting someone or acknowledging a person as a form of respect or romantic interest.

Where did holla come from?

Holla comes from the nightclub and hip hop scene in the early-2000s as a cooler way to say "holler." It gained prominence in various hip hop/rap songs, including Gwen Stefani's 2004 hit single, "Hollaback Girl."

When do I use holla?

When you want a person to contact, you might say, "Give me a holla sometime, cool?" Or if you find someone attractive and want to hit on them, you might say, "I'm gonna go holla at that blonde at the bar. Some people also use it as an expression of excitement or agreement and say "Holla!" in unison.


Give me a holla if you want to go with us to the game.

Going clubbin' with the crew tonite

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Updated July 14, 2021

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