Hot Desking

What is hot desking?

Providing limited, unassigned desk space

Hot desking is the practice of providing limited, random desk space to office-based employees, instead of providing each with a permanent, assigned desk. Many employers embraced hot desking during the covid pandemic, when employees began WFH more often and thus no longer "needed" permanent desks.

Employers, who often pay a premium for office space, use hot desking as both a social distancing tool and a way to cut costs, by providing less desks and office space for the same number of employees. Many employees, however, have pushed back against the concept of hot desking, as it leaves them feeling isolated and adrift when they do work from their organization's office.

Other names for hot desking

Organizations in which employees have to reserve a desk prior to working in the office may refer to hot desking as hoteling.


My office started hot desking in 2021 ... so I stopped going in to the office
You may also see hot-desking written with a hyphen
You may also see hot-desking written with a hyphen

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Updated January 20, 2022

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