What does WFA stand for?

Work from anywhere

Businesses and remote workers use the acronym WFA to mean "work from anywhere." WFA jobs are similar to WFH jobs, except that instead of only being able to work from home, a WFA worker can work from literally anywhere they can do their job.

While remote work has been possible for a while, the WFA acronym increased in prominence during the covid pandemic. As more workers shifted to performing their jobs remotely, many discovered they could work not just from their homes, but from coffee shops, public parks, and even other countries. (Those who travel while working remotely are often referred to as digital nomads.)

Being able to WFA presents both increased opportunities and challenges for workers. On the one hand, workers can avoid commutes, work from where they feel most productive, and gain increased flexibility. On the other hand, WFA jobs can leave workers feeling disconnected from their co-workers, upset workers' home-life balance, and prevent them from efficiently accessing relevant people or information.


I love that my job is now WFA, though I sometimes miss teasing my co-workers in person
A Reddit user wondering about the logistics of turning WFH into WFA
A Reddit user wondering about the logistics of turning WFH into WFA

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Updated November 2, 2021

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