What is hypogamy?

Marrying someone of lower status

Hypogamy is when a person marries down, which is when they marry someone who is lower in financial and/or social status. It is the opposite of "hypergamy" which is when a person marries up to increase social standing.

The "hypogamy" term dates back to 19th century India, but increased in popularity in the online dating world in the late-2010s. Hypogamous relationships typically involve a female marrying a male of lower status, but may also refer to a male marrying down.

Hypogamous relationships are often depicted in books, TV shows, and movies since they make for a compelling romantic story. In these examples, a person, typically a woman, who has one or more prospective suitors spurns them for the love of a less financially or socially attractive suitor.

Hypogamy is not as prevalent as it once was since social caste-like systems have largely been abolished. Instead of marrying for survival or to attain a larger dowry, a la Bridgerton, people can get married for other reasons, like love.


I don't think rom coms would exist without hypogamy.
Hypogamy tweet

Hypogamy tweet

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Updated July 19, 2021

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