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1. What does OTL mean?

One true love

On forums and social media platforms, you may see shippers and romantics discuss OTLs. In this context, OTL stands for "one true love" - the one person someone is meant to be with.

OTL is most often used to discuss fanboys' and fangirls' overenthusiastic adoration for their favorite celebrities. For example, a Kpop stan may say their favorite idol is their OTL. Superfans also use OTL when discussing fictional relationships, to denote their belief that two fictional characters are meant for each other. Fans may use the OTP acronym in a similar fashion.

On rarer occasions, OTL may be used to discuss a real person's actual one true love. If you happen upon one of these earnest romantic discussions, savor it - as you would your OTL.


The Pepper Plant Original Hot Pepper Sauce is my OTL. We're always together, and we'll never be parted

A woman who is searching for her OTL

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Updated March 5, 2021
2. What does OTL stand for?

Out to lunch

Someone who is OTL is "out to lunch." This acronym can be used to mean a person is either:

  • Literally out eating lunch
  • Disinterested or "spaced out"

In the first case, someone who is OTL is telling you they are unavailable ATM but will respond after they finish eating. In the second case, a person being described as OTL is "away" in only a mental sense. They are physically present but not interested in what you have to say, so they may as well be out to lunch.


Sometimes it's hard to know what she is thinking - last time I talked to her she seemed OTL

OTL means "out to lunch"

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Updated March 1, 2021

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