What does IANAD stand for?

I am not a doctor

When you want to give medical advice while also disclaiming that you are not a doctor, you can send the IANAD acronym. It's a favorite among those who love sharing opinions regarding health care but don't want to be held responsible for bad advice.

When do I use IANAD?

Most people send IANAD to share opinions on social sites or in text messages. For example, if a friend shares an image in a text or on Twitter showing a weird rash on her leg, you may text or post "IANAD, but you should put some Aloe vera on that."

You can also use IANAD sarcastically to get some laughs from the person with the ailments. For example, you could tell the friend with the rash, "IANAD, but you should rub the rash away with some sandpaper."


IANAD but I heard 5G mobile networks spread covid
You are right, you are not a doctor. And mobile networks aren't responsible for spreading covid
Twitter exchange with the IANAD acronym
Twitter exchange with the IANAD acronym

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Updated May 26, 2021

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