What does UNADR stand for?

You need a doctor

The person who sent you UNADR ("you need a doctor") likely isn't concerned for your health. Netizens often use this acronym as an insult, implying that your opinions or actions are so bad that they merit medical attention.

For example, if you post a hot take to a forum, and another user responds with "UNADR, that's a terrible idea," the other user doesn't think you should head to the ER. They just think you should have better opinions.

However, if you describe pain or other medical symptoms you're experiencing, and the person you're talking to responds with UNADR ... well, you really might need a doctor.


UNADR if you think we're going to war with Canada anytime soon

A man roasting his companion for her terrible opinions

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Updated February 20, 2023

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