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1. What is do short for?


Do is an abbreviation for "hairdo," which people often use to tell others when they get a new hairstyle. For example, after returning from the barber, your dad may ask, "How do you like my new do?"

Hairdo comes from the phrase "doing one's hair," which dates back to the 19th century. People transformed it into a noun (hairdo) in the 1930s and then shortened it to "do."

You may see or hear people use do in person or online when talking about getting a new do or asking about thoughts on their new do. For some people, their hairstyle is an essential representation of themselves, so they like to brag about their do when they like what they see. Some examples of popular dos include cornrows, afros, beehives, mullets, femullets, skullets, and the Edgar cut.


U c Josh's new do?
Yeah, I didn't know he wanted to become an Edgar

When you love your new do

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Updated February 21, 2023
2. What does DO stand for?

Doctor of Osteopathy

An acronym used to describe a doctor or surgeon that practices medicine with training that focuses on the skeletal and muscular systems in order to treat problems throughout the body; similar to the MD degree but requires different training.


She is a DO, so she's just as qualified as a regular MD

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Updated January 15, 2015

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