What does IDNK stand for?

I do not know

When you don't know the answer to a question, you can send "IDNK," which stands for "I do not know." It is a variation of the more popular "IDK" acronym but adds the extra "N" character.

You may see IDNK in text messages and online, whether in messages, forums, or social media. Although people of any age may use it to sincerely tell someone that they don't know the answer, it's prevalent amongst angsty people, like teenagers, that aren't in the mood to be helpful.

Instances when you might use IDNK include when your mom asks you where your older brother went after school or when your friend asks you why you broke up with your bf, and you don't want to be honest. You also might use it when you just don't want to talk because you are exasperated or depressed.


IDNK what I am doing this weekend
Exasperated tweet about dealing with people
Exasperated tweet about dealing with people

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Updated July 14, 2021

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