What does IDTS stand for?

I don't think so

IDTS stands for "I don't think so." This fairly common acronym expresses somebody's doubtful, skeptical, or uncertain opinion.

For example, if you ask your SO whether they have plans on Friday, and they respond with IDTS, that means they're likely (but not guaranteed) to be free Friday. As another example, if you ask a friend whether cassowaries can fly, and your friend responds with IDTS, it means they are almost (but not entirely) certain that cassowaries cannot fly.

IDTS is also a cliché phrase used in many action movies, by heroes and villains who are attempting to prevent each other from succeeding. If a person who prevents you from scoring in Rocket League or killing an opposing champion in League of Legends (LoL) drops IDTS in the chat, they're using the acronym in this action-oriented sense.


R u going 2 the dance nxt wk?
IDTS. No one has asked me yet

IDTS means "I don't think so"

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Updated December 8, 2020

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