What is ight short for in messages and online?


Ight (pronounced "ite" or "eye-eet") is an abbreviation people sometimes use in messages and online for "alright." They may use it to communicate agreeance (similar to OK) or just as a transition when they are going to do something (e.g., "ight. Imma head out").

For example, your friend may ask you if you want to go to a movie over text, and you may reply with, "ight. wut time?" Or, you may try to confirm plans with your gf and message her, "Imma pick you tmrw at 5. ight?"

Additionally, ight is just one of many variations of alright. Others include aight, iat, alr, and ard.


U good with 7 on Friday?
ight, that's cool with me
Ight tweet agreeing with Stephen A. Smith
Ight tweet agreeing with Stephen A. Smith

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Updated April 19, 2023

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