Iat has 2 meanings
1. What does iat mean?


Iat is an abbreviation of "alright" that comes from the Slang spoken version of the word. It is typically seen in text messages and online and may be spoken as a cooler version.

The abbreviation is one of several abbreviations for "alright," which includes aight and ight. Iat is very uncommon, so you should be mindful where you use it because it will probably be received as a typo.


We're gonna leave at 6pm, iat?
Iat means
Iat means Alright

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Updated March 6, 2019
2. What does Iat stand for?

I am tired

A chatting and texting acronym that is utilized to emphasize that you are tired; commonly used in response to someone asking how you are doing; similar to TT2T.


How you doing?
IAT, I stayed up all night to finish the book report.

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Updated April 16, 2014

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