What does IGI stand for?

I get it

When you understand what someone is saying, you can send them "IGI," which stands for "I get it." Most people use the acronym in text messages and online, like in a chatroom or forum or on social media.

When do I use IGI?

You may use IGI when you finally understand a joke or complex explanation. For example, a friend may tell you a humorous riddle, which may take you a while to understand its meaning. When you finally reply, you can use IGI as part of your response.

You may also use IGI when extending empathy towards a person's situation. For example, when a friend confides in you why she chose to make a certain decision, you can send IGI to communicate that you understand her thought process.


OK, now IGI! That was pretty funny

That IGI moment

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Updated June 11, 2021

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