What does IJBOL stand for?

I just burst out laughing

Netizens use IJBOL to mean "I just burst out laughing." Typically, people post IJBOL to social media after they've read or watched something that made them LOL. However, you might also encounter IJBOL in text or chat messages, sent by someone who is busting a gut.

While IJBOL has historically not been very popular, it enjoyed a resurgence in summer 2023. During that summer, many non-Korean Kpop fans encountered IJBOL in comments on Kpop-related social media posts. Initially, many of these fans thought IJBOL was a Korean word spelled using phonetic English. Eventually, they discovered IJBOL was actually an English acronym.


Here, watch this video
I know, right?

A man who is about to post IJBOL

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Updated July 7, 2023

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