What does IIWY mean?

If I were you

IIWY is a quick way to say "if I were you," and is usually accompanied by some sort of advice. It is similar to the IMO and TMA acronyms.

How do I use IIWY?

You can use IIWY online or in text messages when you want to put yourself in someone else's shoes and share what you would do in their situation. Examples of when you would use it include when texting with your friend who is faced with a conundrum, when your fbf posts about an annoying neighbor, or when answering a person's technical question in an online forum.


IIWY, I would apply to several schools so you have a better chance of being accepted to at least one of them
Classic IIWY meme
Classic IIWY meme

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Updated May 4, 2021

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