What does IMSO stand for?

In my sovereign opinion

Oftentimes, people use IMSO (in my sovereign opinion) sarcastically, when they know their opinion on a matter is actually no better than anyone else's. However, authority figures sometimes use IMSO sincerely, to let you know that despite any protests you might have, their opinion reigns supreme.

For example, if you ask a friend whether Pizza Hut or Little Caesar's has better pizza, they might reply with "IMSO, Pizza Hut can't be beat." This friend likely recognizes their opinion is subjective.

However, if you and your boss are ordering in pizza, your boss might say "IMSO, we should order Little Caesar's." In this case, your boss is likely using IMSO sincerely, and wants you to order from Little Caesar's. (Probably to save the company money ...)


IMSO, Succession is the best HBO show
Nah, it's way too cringe. The Wire is where it's at

IMSO means "in my sovereign opinion"

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Updated August 17, 2023

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