What does NTS stand for in messages and online?

Note to self

NTS is an acronym people sometimes use in messages or online, especially on social sites like Twitter, when posting a quick reminder. For example, if you thought of an excellent idea for a birthday party theme and don't want to forget it, you may make an "NTS" post.

Some people may also use NTS to humorously respond to others' messages, videos, pics, etc. For example, if you just watched a video of a jet ski fail on YouTube, you might post in the comments, "NTS - Never get on a jet ski."

Origin of NTS

The acronym "NTS" originated from the "note to self" saying people write on post-its, notepads, etc., to make record reminders of things they need to do, say, remember, etc. People, such as reporters and authors, also uttered it (and still do) in recording devices they played back later to remember to do something.


NTS - don't remember your anniversary the day after

A worthy NTS we should all make

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Updated June 5, 2023

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