What does INPO stand for?

In no particular order

Items listed INPO are not listed in a specific or meaningful order. People often use this acronym when sharing a list of ideas, places, foods, or products, none of which is especially better or worse than the other. (At least, in their mind.)

For example, if you ask your friend what their favorite cities are, they may respond with "Barcelona, Perth, Munich, Madison, New Orleans, Seoul - INPO." This means that, while your friend likes all those cities, they probably did not list them in the order they like them.


Today, INPO, I'd like to get through some garden stuff, our tax filing, and painting the bedroom
All in one Saturday?! Where's the time for relaxing with a coffee?

A man who plans to read some unimportant items INPO

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Updated April 12, 2023

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