1. What does rom mean?

Emulator game

A term that technically stands for "read-only memory," but it most often refers to games played with software that emulates a game console system, such as a Nintendo, PlayStation, or other console; gets the name "ROM" because the file is an exact replica of the memory on the original cartridge.


I found a huge archive of NES ROMs online today

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Updated August 19, 2014
2. What does ROM stand for in health?

Range of motion

ROM (range of motion) is a measurement of how well you can move a joint. It is typically measured during a physical therapy session using a device called a goniometer.

How is ROM measured?

A goniometer is a two-armed device that can bend with your limbs or joints. Physical therapists use a goniometer to measure how far you can move a joint in specific directions. Together, these individual measurements comprise your ROM.

In some cases, physical therapists may also use an inclinometer or even a good ol' tape measurer to measure ROM, depending on the joint they're interested in.

Are there different kinds of ROM?

There sure are. Physical therapists may refer to three different types of ROM and ROM exercises, which are:

  • Passive range of motion (PROM): This is range of motion achieved when someone else is moving your joint.
  • Active range of motion (AROM): This is range of motion achieved when only you are moving your joint.
  • Active assistive range of motion (AAROM): This is range of motion achieved when you are moving your joint with the assistance of another person or a machine.

You may also see limited range of motion, a condition in which a person's joint is not as flexible as it should be, referred to as LROM.


My doctor is having me do some exercises each day to improve my ROM. I think it's working!
A use of ROM on Twitter
A use of ROM on Twitter

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Updated June 11, 2021
3. What does ROM stand for?

Rough order of magnitude

A phrase that refers to a rough estimate for how much work is required to get a task complete; used in business project management settings; also see LOE.


Our client wants the project ROM by COB today

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Updated June 4, 2014

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