1. What does gank mean?


A slang word that means to steal or take something; often stated informally and not meant as a criminal act.


Can I gank a shirt off of you?

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Updated October 6, 2014
2. What does gank mean in gaming?

To gang up on and kill a player

Gank is when multiple players gang up on a single player in a game and kill him. Players may do it for strategic purposes and/or to just irritate the player, aka griefing.

Gank comes from the combination of "gang" and "kill," and comes from the age-old "strength in numbers" strategy that transcends competitive games. However, it didn't receive the "gank" label until the early-2000s when online gaming began to increase in popularity.

It may be performed in any multiplayer game but is commonly used in MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL). It is also done in MMORPG games like World of Warcraft (WoW).

While it is a useful strategy for prevailing in matches, some players do it just to make other players angry. Kind of like older brothers ganging up on the youngest sibling.


Let's go gank Charlie before he powers up.

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Updated February 26, 2021

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